Open MKV File

If you fail to open a MKV file or you want to convert your MKV files here you will find help. This guide will help you find software to convert or open these files format.


What is

MKV is the acronym for Matroska Video Stream. It is a multimedia file format similar to AVI or MPEG. This is usually used for TV, movies and other video and multimedia type files. It is an open standard.




Decoder Filters

If you want to find some decode filters you should check on MAtroska website


Programs that open or convert MK files

These software selection will help you with this format extension.



You can edit MKV files to add subtitles, chapters or extra videos. You can use free software like MKVtoolnix



You can convert online MKV files to another format. To do so go to and follow the instructions.